Kiki Organic 8 Multi Mushroom Extract Blend Vegicaps

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KIKI Health's Organic Multi-Mushroom Capsules are a full spectrum 8 mushroom extract blend derived entirely from fruiting bodies and are all grown on a wood-rich substrate, which is the natural habitat for the mushrooms. This is a high-potency extract with a 12:1 - 18:1 ratio. Extracted from 100% fruiting bodies, these mushrooms boast full-spectrum benefits and are standardised to 50% beta-glucan -rich polysaccharides. They contain no mycelium, grain or starch. 

Mushroom extracts from fruiting bodies have more beta-glucan polysaccharides than mycelium extracts, which are commonly produced on grain and produce starchy alpha-glucans.

This powerful mushroom cocktail is an easy method to ingest all of your mushrooms at once, allowing you to receive all of the benefits that each mushroom has to offer.

The small bioactive components found inside organic mushroom cells are meticulously removed and standardised to an astounding 50% beta-glucan-rich polysaccharide content, as well as plant sterols and triterpenes.

The extract ratio ranges from 12:1 to 18:1, making it one of the highest on the market. This means that 15kg of mushrooms are used to generate 1kg of extract powder. The more mushrooms used, the more potent and beneficial the result is because you get all of the chemicals and nutrients from 15kg rather than 3 - 5kg.

KIKI Health's Multi-Mushroom Blend extract is free of fillers like starch and grain, as well as any form of addition.

This  Organic Multi-Mushroom 8 Extract Blend contains only 100% pure mushroom extracts.

Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

There are no additives, mycelium, grains, or anything else. Concentrated and pure.

Directions: Take 2 - 4 capsules daily with meals according to individual needs.



Organic Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris) Extract
Organic Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) Extract
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Shell Capsule: Hypromellose

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