Kiki Ionic Magnesium Liquid Concentrate

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KIKI Health's Ionic Magnesium Liquid Concentrate is formulated with 100% natural minerals extracted from the earth. This liquid concentrate provides 80mg of magnesium per serving in a bioavailable, easy-to-use form, allowing for rapid absorption. Simply add a few drops to water to create a highly absorbable liquid supplement that promotes optimal mineral balance.

KIKI Health's Ionic Magnesium Liquid Concentrate is a pure, concentrated form of ionic Magnesium mineral solution. Its naturally occurring ionic minerals are designed to restore minerals at the cellular level, bringing about a state of “mineralibrium,” or optimal tissue mineral balance within your body.  As this mineral is in a liquid form, there is no digestion required and is 100% bioavailable. Using it is as simple as adding a few drops of Ionic Magnesium Liquid Concentrate to a glass of water.

It provides 80mg magnesium per serving (21% Recommended intake).

Magnesium supports nervous system function, energy-yielding metabolism, and healthy teeth. It helps in cell division, protein synthesis in the body, and bone and muscular function and growth.


Directions: Shake before use. Adults and children aged 4 + take 30 drops (2ml) daily in a glass (250ml) of water or juice.


Ingredients: Magnesium chloride, de-ionised water

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