Pharma Nord - BioActive Selenium + Zinc | 60 Tablets

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Contains the patented, Danish-produced selenium yeast SelenoPrecise® with a documented bioavailability of up to 89%, along with zinc, vitamin C, B6 and vitamin E to provide an excellent antioxidant complex.                                                                                                                                       

Benefits of taking Pharma Nord BioActive Selenium and Zinc include boosting immunity, thyroid health, fertility issues and those looking for a hair, skin and nail complex.

Why take Pharma Nord BioActive Selenium and Zinc?

  • Patients looking for immune boosting supplement
  • Important for people with thyroid issues
  • For couples planning to conceive
  • Those looking for a skin, hair and nail complex



What the typical symptoms are?

  • Recurring viral infections
  • Symptoms of under active thyroid such as low mood, weight gain, lethargy
  • Issues with conceiving
  • Slow growing, brittle nails
  • Dull skin
  • Limp brittle hair
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