Atlantic Aromatics - Lavender Oil - 5ml

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Atlantic Aromatics Organic Lavender Oil is distilled from flowers grown in France. A firm favorite, this oil has a multitude of uses. It can be used safely in a massage oil blend for children and babies from 8 weeks. Add 6-10 drops to a warm bath to help aid sleep, relieve tension, and ease aches and pains. Tip: If suffering from a cold, add a few drops of both Tea tree oil and Lavender oil to a bath as they may help reduce both the duration as well as the symptoms.

Ingredients: Lavendula angustafolia 5ml

GENERAL MASSAGE For massage with aromatherapy oils, the emphasis is on gentle massage to stimulate the circulation and to facilitate the absorption of the oils rather than vigorous bodywork. Make sure the room is warm. Always massage upwards towards the heart. When massaging the abdomen, always move in a clockwise direction.

MASSAGING FOR ACHES AND PAINS Apply the oil to the affected area and rub in well for a few minutes, bearing in mind that the stimulating effect of the massaging is as important as the oils. Repeat 2-3 times daily or as required.

FOR USE AS A BODY OIL Apply the oil starting at the feet, gently working the oil into the skin using upward strokes, towards the heart. After a shower or bath, massage the oil into slightly damp skin as it is more easily applied and leaves less of an oily film. Regular application of quality oils has a moisturising effect on the skin and is beneficial to general health.

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